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Just Breathe

As a new mom, you want to do everything perfect. You never want to feel like you don’t have it together or don’t know what you are doing, BUT sometimes situations are out of your control, and accidents happen, and trust, when they happen you are not the first to experience them.

This morning, I experienced one of my greatest fears, my six month old rolled out of my bed. He doesn’t quite sleep throughout the night so often he tends to fall asleep in my arms.

Well, this morning while lying in the bed with me, he rolled out of the bed and hit the ground.

I believe my heart stopped for a few seconds as I held him. For a moment, I didn’t even realize he wasn’t crying anymore. As I monitored and checked him, making sure he was okay, he just smiled and laughed as if I was the “best mother in the world” as I felt like a failure.

How could I allow that to happen?

How could I let my precious boy roll out of the bed?

That is when the guilt began to rise.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go to work?”

“You are spending too much time away from him.”

“Something has to give.”

GOD immediately stopped me in my tracks and said “JUST BREATHE’.

“Be still and know that I am GOD.” Psalms 46:10

In such a calm voice all I hear is, “JUST BREATHE.”

Wow, as I began to inhale and exhale slowly, I immediately felt a release of the negative energy. As I watched my baby boy, he was just calm and breathing. He was at peace with me and what had transpired.

WOW! Then it hit me. “Some babies don’t make it to six months; some babies don’t survive a hard fall with no injuries or bruises. But your baby boy, is okay. Say Thank you!”

Often times we face horrible accidents or situations that could have had a horrible outcome, but we come out fine. Instead of embracing GOD and exalting Him, we keep reflecting on what happened and beat ourselves up about what happened, when all is well.

Today, I believe GOD is telling us to “JUST BREATHE”. Regardless of what the situation is, don’t allow it to paralyze you. Once you do that, say “THANK YOU!” because that situation could have been so much worse. Be blessed and trust that GOD has you.

Lady G,

P.S. Just Breathe



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Women In Business-Quinn Barlett

Last night, Quinn Bartlett celebrated a successful launch party for her new business, 12 Twelve Events. 
fb_img_1511728150600825909677.jpgAs family and friends entered the venue, they could tell immediately that Quinn can do more than just cater. “I can do any type of decorations. I’m very creative. Whatever you want, I can do.” Quinn’s guests were met with laughs, fun and great music. Along with the great hospitality, guests were served an appetizer, main meal and dessert.


Quinn’s creative skills, and quick thinking, can turn an avenge venue, into the location of your dreams. When asked where the name 12 Twelve Events came from, Quinn had a perfect reason.


12 Twelve Events is available for parties, wedding and ANY event that you want. Depending on whatever type of food you want, Quinn is able provide that. Even going so far as making sure there’s enough for you and your guests. “I love to feeding  people, so I’ll make sure you and your guests are well fed.”



For information concerning possible events, and pricing, you can contact Quinn by phone, email and be sure to like 12 Twelve Events on Facebook.



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From Plain Jane To Fancy Nancy

T-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of flats have always been my go to outfit, until now. Day by day I’m learning to express myself through the clothes I wear. There was a time I didn’t want any attention drawn to me and my appearance. But what I found out is; though your appearance does not define you, it’s one of the first things strangers notice when they meet you. My mother-n-law often says “You should dress for that position you want.” With the fashion and beauty industry growing tremendously, there are so many avenues you can go with when styling. Though my style has changed, I still keep it simple but fun. screenshot_20171123-220443451398374.jpg

For example, I recently attended a Red Tie Ball, where I decided to go with a red cocktail dress. I knew a ballroom gown would have been a little too much for me. I wanted to be simple, but at the same time be fearless. I went with a sexy V neck off the shoulder evening dress. Very simple, but eloquent. After accessorizing with silver jewelry and silver shoes, my attire was complete. I chose not to wear chandelier earrings or necklace because I felt the off shoulder dress and v-neck brought enough attention. I chose not over accessorize and it worked! 154422115120759.jpeg

I’ve challenged myself to continue to keep up with fashion and dared myself to try new things.

Don’t be afraid of the opinions of people, but be yourself and have fun while doing it. So, as I grow and learn about new fashion tips and tricks, I will share them with my W.A.V.E sisters.


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Feature Friday- Manzura Ishan

Manzura, moved to the the United States from Central Asia five years ago without knowing any English. She started off cleaning houses in Ohio, shortly after she started her own closet organizing business for an affluent clientele. After a couple of years she sold her business. After giving birth to her now two year old son she went to technical school to receive her nail license. Manzura currently works as a nail tech at a salon in 30a, helps her husband manage their new women’s clothing store Lela which just opened in Pier Park and is opening a mobile boutique in Tallahassee with the name Novus Racks.