“Word to the Wives”-Stuck Like Glue

I have this theory; every woman has already planned her wedding before planning for anything else. I could be wrong, but most likely I am right. We specifically lay out of the pieces of our wedding day. Formulating a plan that will make sure that everything falls into place EXACTLY. We do this because we know two things; it’s a very important day, and that day can COMPLETELY be…about us. 

We awake hours before the wedding; Untying the scarf that was cutting off our circulation, but kept our wedding hair intact, spending an hour and a half in the chair while the lady who does our make up GUARANTEES she can contour our faces exactly like the YouTube tutorial, all while adding that pop of glitter on our eyes. Strapping on our shoes that are an inch before being “Too High” and finally…the dress. The dream gown that you declared “The Perfect One” out of hundreds! The dress that fits EVEN BETTER now because we’ve been putting in time at the gym, on the ab machine that we hated so much, and to top it off!…him. The man that is the reason why you’ve gone through this extra maintenance work, to make sure you look amazing! Yes, I believe that women have definitely been doing some serious pre- planning! 

After watching my best friend, Tonya get married to her boyfriend at P.E (Although it only lasted until lunch), I just KNEW there was love out there for Leslie Tate. Between morning recess and nap time in Kindergarten, I scoped out who was going to be Mr. Right for me. Every little boy that DIDN’T pick his nose, became a instant qualifier. It was arts and craft time and the process of creating a perfect masterpiece out of macaroni was my complete focus. As I was sculpting my creation, over my shoulder I hear, “Can I borrow your glue please?” As I grunted and turned to give up my glue, I froze in the moment. His light brown eyes, Nubian skin and 90’s kid box haircut became the spotlight of my entire view. (Yes, I was really thinking this in Kindergarten by the way). As both our hands grasped the glue at the same time, he smiled, showing the two spots were his upper front teeth use to be. Yep, fell in love right there.

” Thank you…uhh..what’s your name?” He asked. As I fixed my mouth to talk, our teacher called for the Table Captains to help put the supplies away. As he walked away, he took my glue and my heart….Leaving my name to be “Uhh.”

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