Women In Business-Quinn Barlett

Last night, Quinn Bartlett celebrated a successful launch party for her new business, 12 Twelve Events. 
fb_img_1511728150600825909677.jpgAs family and friends entered the venue, they could tell immediately that Quinn can do more than just cater. “I can do any type of decorations. I’m very creative. Whatever you want, I can do.” Quinn’s guests were met with laughs, fun and great music. Along with the great hospitality, guests were served an appetizer, main meal and dessert.


Quinn’s creative skills, and quick thinking, can turn an avenge venue, into the location of your dreams. When asked where the name 12 Twelve Events came from, Quinn had a perfect reason.


12 Twelve Events is available for parties, wedding and ANY event that you want. Depending on whatever type of food you want, Quinn is able provide that. Even going so far as making sure there’s enough for you and your guests. “I love to feeding  people, so I’ll make sure you and your guests are well fed.”



For information concerning possible events, and pricing, you can contact Quinn by phone, email and be sure to like 12 Twelve Events on Facebook.



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