Fast Food Restaurants That Offer Vegetarian Options 

Though I’ve only been a vegetarian for almost a month, I learned one thing; fast food eating may totally be out of the question, unless you’re cool with eating a salad all the time. Although that’s not a bad thing because you are avoiding high saturated fats and the consumption of unnecessary salts, but every now and then a quick stop at a fast food place isn’t so bad. Luckily, some fast food places are beginning implement vegetarian options to their menus!

1. Taco Bell

One of my biggest fears when I gave up meat was losing Taco Bell. Fortunately, that didn’t happen! Thanks to the AVA (American Vegetarian Association), Taco Bell is proudly incorporating veggie options onto their list of orders. From breakfast to lunch, Taco Bell has you covered.

2. Moe’s Southwest Grill

On my first trip to Moe’s, I only noticed the chicken and beef behind the glass. I didn’t know a year later, I’d be scanning their menu for a vegetarian options, but it’s there. At Moe’s  you’re able to get a burrito, veggie style or with tofu as your main protein, on a whole wheat or white tortilla, with a side of chips & salsa or queso. Yeeeessss!

3. Red Robin 
Their ancient grain and quinoa veggie patty makes Red Robin a perfect spot to stop. Your veggie burger can be topped with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, tomato bruschetta salsa and more! You can also go with their Keep It Simple option, and get your veggie patty on a whole wheat bun with your choice of toppings. Robin! YUUMMMMM”…yes I had to:)

4.  Burger King

I was super shocked to find out that the place that I loved so much for their Whoppers, actually had a veggie burger. You have to look closely on the menu, but it’s available! Slightly smaller than the Whoppers, but still tasty. Topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo.