Tasha Cobbs-Leonard’s New Single Featuring Nicki Minaj- HIT OR MISS??

So! August 2017 “Break Every Chain” award-winning gospel singer, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard broke chains off of world and church barriers when she released her new album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit. featuring the single, “I‘m Getting Ready.” This new song has been blowing some minds, and unfortunately, it’s not because the song is amazing, but rather because secular rap artist, Nicki Minaj is laying down bars on it. Since then, people have been torn between two views; “I can’t believe Tasha put her on her track” and “that means more exposure and people for the Kingdom of God.” Twitter fans of Mrs. Leonard have definitely made their opinions known as it regards to her featured guest. Some fans were totally supportive of the Minaj using her lyrical skills for the glory of God, and others were not feeling the collaboration.

Surprising, people have forgotten a lot of these secular artists came from church backgrounds. Fans have been displeased with Tasha for letting someone “like Nicki” rap on her gospel track, but fail to really acknowledge when Beyonce’ was featured on Michelle Williams’s gospel track song, “Say Yes.” Double standard maybe? How do we as believers expect to reach people that we separate ourselves from, only wanting them meet us, but not wanting to reach out to them? Why is it that we give passes to certain individuals, but bash the rest? How about encouraging ANYBODY who’s interested in experiencing what God is about.

Just some time before Nicki and Tasha linked up, Nicki was actually following Tasha’s music minister after watching her minister in music at BET’s Celebration of Gospel, and was completely inspired. Not only that, but was actively referring her 21.2 million Twitter fans to Tasha’s music.

As we encounter people, we don’t know where they are in life, nevertheless where they are in their growth with God. Tasha could have possibly planted a seed in Nicki’s life, that could be just the beginning.

Now, I’ve been hearing people say, “Well, I guess the money was really worth doing the song with her.” Listen, gospel or now, Tasha and Nicki are both working artists, YES! they got paid. However, it was still ministry.

Tasha captioned her Instagram post about her team up with the following hastags:

‭‭“#KingdomAgentsEverywhere #ImGettingReady #MyGirlSMASHED #IfeelJesusEveryTimeIHearIt #tears #IntoAllTheWorld #SheknowsGodBetterthanSomaYall #andHeKnowsHer,” Cobbs-Leonard wrote. “Let’s Go Boo!!!! @nickiminaj #heartpassionpursuit.”

Whether you like it or not, the track is great! You can’t deny the indescribable anointing that the song has. Both ladies came with their A game and people where inspired through the music. Even people that probably never listen to gospel, but checked it out because of Nicki. Pass the message, that’s Kingdom building Nicki!

This 8:27 track was a door opened to the world. It shows that not just believers have access to God, but ANYBODY does. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Tasha as well as Nicki. Hopefully, this is only the beginning.

The best thing about God is the fact that he literally doesn’t mind meeting us where we are. Let’s not limit God, and people, to where OUR minds and views are.

Check out Tasha’s interview of the entire encounter with Nicki. Be blessed!