Just Breathe

As a new mom, you want to do everything perfect. You never want to feel like you don’t have it together or don’t know what you are doing, BUT sometimes situations are out of your control, and accidents happen, and trust, when they happen you are not the first to experience them.

This morning, I experienced one of my greatest fears, my six month old rolled out of my bed. He doesn’t quite sleep throughout the night so often he tends to fall asleep in my arms.

Well, this morning while lying in the bed with me, he rolled out of the bed and hit the ground.

I believe my heart stopped for a few seconds as I held him. For a moment, I didn’t even realize he wasn’t crying anymore. As I monitored and checked him, making sure he was okay, he just smiled and laughed as if I was the “best mother in the world” as I felt like a failure.

How could I allow that to happen?

How could I let my precious boy roll out of the bed?

That is when the guilt began to rise.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go to work?”

“You are spending too much time away from him.”

“Something has to give.”

GOD immediately stopped me in my tracks and said “JUST BREATHE’.

“Be still and know that I am GOD.” Psalms 46:10

In such a calm voice all I hear is, “JUST BREATHE.”

Wow, as I began to inhale and exhale slowly, I immediately felt a release of the negative energy. As I watched my baby boy, he was just calm and breathing. He was at peace with me and what had transpired.

WOW! Then it hit me. “Some babies don’t make it to six months; some babies don’t survive a hard fall with no injuries or bruises. But your baby boy, is okay. Say Thank you!”

Often times we face horrible accidents or situations that could have had a horrible outcome, but we come out fine. Instead of embracing GOD and exalting Him, we keep reflecting on what happened and beat ourselves up about what happened, when all is well.

Today, I believe GOD is telling us to “JUST BREATHE”. Regardless of what the situation is, don’t allow it to paralyze you. Once you do that, say “THANK YOU!” because that situation could have been so much worse. Be blessed and trust that GOD has you.

Lady G,

P.S. Just Breathe

I Spent An Hour A Day With God For A Week- THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED (Part 2)

In part 1 I shared my desperate need for God. His request for me, was to put my last meal of the day down, and spent one hour with Him for a week. I didn’t understand the reason behind it originally because I had just been flowing with the chaos of my life for so long, it began to feel normal. However, God was NOT having it. So, here’s what happened during my week with Him.

1. I Let It Out

I love how God will let you just come into His presence, and just let it all out. The first night all I did was cry. I let out every feeling of confusion, frustration, and fear that had built itself in me. It was not a pretty sight; My face was all red, nose running, hair all wild, just a mess! But with God that was okay. He didn’t need me to come to Him all pretty on the outside, but tore up and falling apart on the inside, which is exactly how it started at first. He needed me to come in with that broken spirit and contrite heart. That’s what moved Him. Once I got out all that was holding me down out, I was able to take the next step.

2. I Welcomed God into my chaos 

Though God is all knowing and omnipresent, He still wants to be welcomed into our lives. That includes the out of control parts. I wasn’t hearing God because I wasn’t including Him in my life. Those “screaming fans” of my life were drowning out His voice. I felt I could handle things on my own, and I didn’t want to bother God with my chaotic life. During that week, I named every issue and situation in my life, good and bad, and every time I started it out with “God I welcome You into…” A lot of time we complain and welcome other people into our mess, and they can’t even do anything about it. Instead welcome the One who can actually do something about it, and that is more than honored to.

“Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” 

1 Peter 5:7

3. Thankfulness 

When things are always going bad, it’s kind of hard to see the silver lining. That week taught me to be appreciative of what I ALREADY had. The more I spent in His presence, the more He cleared my mind so I could see those blessings. I thanked Him for the fact that even though I shut Him out, He never left me. That everlasting love that draws me to Him, was that same love that kept a hold of me. 

“The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with loving-kindness I have drawn you.”

Jeremiah 31:3

4. He Cleaned Me Up

During that week, I was completely renewed from the inside out. The first thing He renewed was my heart. (Create in me a clean heart. Psalm 51:10), then came my mind (And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Roman 12:2) Once those things were made whole again, everything else followed suit; My speech changed, my attitude simmered, I started to care about my outward appearance again and my joy returned. Things felt fresh, new and hopeful. I had a peace about me that I couldn’t explain, but what I DID know was it was God.

5. Gained Control Over My Flesh

For the fasting part, I was learning to resist my flesh and focus on things spiritual. I had to learn to tell myself no. “No, you’re not going to talk that way. No you’re not going to give up on this. No, you will not give up on God again, no, no, no!” When we live under the authority of our flesh, you’ll be amazed the things you’ll find yourself doing and saying. Flesh will not control me, but I will have authority over it!

6. I MADE Time For God

This was the biggest thing of that whole week. I learned to MAKE time for God. I was able to make time for any and everything that flooded my life, but I was forgetting to make time for the most important thing. God is the center of our lives, and to make time for Him symbolizes that we are acknowledging Him as that, but also that we aren’t just using Him as like a genie in a bottle. You know, only “making time” for Him when we need something. I started seeking Him early in the morning. Thanking Him for waking me up, praying for others and myself and laying out my entire day WITH Him.

That week with God gave me more insight and renewal then I could ever image. I feel more connected and more able to withstand the things in my life. The feeling that I experienced was something that I always wanted to have. I wanted to stay with God all the time, in that closet. I wanted to talk with Him, and listen while He talked to me. The fact that He even thought that much about me, to help organize my life, shows me no matter how low, God will still go.

I Spent An Hour A Day With God For A Week-THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED! (Part 1)

At a time when things were so overwhelming in my life, it was hard to hear God. It was almost like being a celebrity, and having a crowd of people swaming you, screaming for you, and needing your full attention RIGHT THEN. However, the only difference is in this situation, I was the celebrity in the mist of chaos and confusion. All the “screaming fans” of my life were screaming and needing me at the same time. 

It wasn’t too long that my entire spiritual life started to suffer for the lack of conversing I was not doing with God. I couldn’t think straight, my attitude was all over the place; happy one minute, sad or angry the next. I just felt overwhelmed and just going with the flow of life. I needed to find a way out soon, or I physically, mentally, emotionally AND spiritually wasn’t going to make it.

One night, when I found a second to be still, I heard God speak to me and say, “Put your last meal down of the day, and spend one hour a day with me for a week.”

I prepped myself for this encounter because I did not know what to expect. I knew I NEEDED to do this, but for God to ask it of me was important. I designated an area for me to go to where it was just Him and me I turned off all electronic devices except for my speaker to play worship music, and I tried my hardest to FOCUS just on this. 

Now, as dedicated as I was, it was still a fight. The hour was kind of hard at first because I figured I can pray all I need to pray within like 5-10 minutes, what am I going to do for the rest of the time? What about all the other stuff I have to do? What am I gonna make for dinner? Oh, no wait. No dinner. Did I call my mom today? All of these things ran through my mind. The more I over thought about it, the more other thoughts made themselves welcomed.

Praying was like trying to talk with swollen tonsils, my hands were drenched in sweat and I felt my heart in my throat. Why was this so hard?! Was there something that God was trying to do, and was there something or someone trying to intervene? 

I remembered that He wanted me to spend time with Him, not give Him just your list of demands and leave! When I finally realized it, and understood that my relationship with God was critical, and I needed Him NOW, I fought with everything I had.

Help My Unbelief!

When things become so overwhelming, and we can’t make sense of it is when it seems like we begin to lose it. A problem here, a problem there, and it’s  all happening at once. It just becomes a down hill spiral, and we’re  just going through the motions. We feel like we’re  at our widths ends, and one more thing is going to be it. But just remember when those times come, close your eyes and say “Lord, help my unbelief.” I don’t see how this will get better, and I’m tired, but LORD, HELP MY UNBELIEF!

When there’s not a way in the world that WE see these issues getting better say, “Lord, help my unbelief.”

Lord, I pray for whoever is reading this. Help their unbelief. Give them Your unexplainable peace. When their heart is overwhelmed, lead them to that rock that is higher than them (Psalms 61:2). Guide them, strengthen them, and heal them so they are equipt to handle the things they face, knowing they are not alone. For you are a present help in a time of need. Amen.

“Word to the Wives”-Stuck Like Glue

I have this theory; every woman has already planned her wedding before planning for anything else. I could be wrong, but most likely I am right. We specifically lay out of the pieces of our wedding day. Formulating a plan that will make sure that everything falls into place EXACTLY. We do this because we know two things; it’s a very important day, and that day can COMPLETELY be…about us. 

We awake hours before the wedding; Untying the scarf that was cutting off our circulation, but kept our wedding hair intact, spending an hour and a half in the chair while the lady who does our make up GUARANTEES she can contour our faces exactly like the YouTube tutorial, all while adding that pop of glitter on our eyes. Strapping on our shoes that are an inch before being “Too High” and finally…the dress. The dream gown that you declared “The Perfect One” out of hundreds! The dress that fits EVEN BETTER now because we’ve been putting in time at the gym, on the ab machine that we hated so much, and to top it off!…him. The man that is the reason why you’ve gone through this extra maintenance work, to make sure you look amazing! Yes, I believe that women have definitely been doing some serious pre- planning! 

After watching my best friend, Tonya get married to her boyfriend at P.E (Although it only lasted until lunch), I just KNEW there was love out there for Leslie Tate. Between morning recess and nap time in Kindergarten, I scoped out who was going to be Mr. Right for me. Every little boy that DIDN’T pick his nose, became a instant qualifier. It was arts and craft time and the process of creating a perfect masterpiece out of macaroni was my complete focus. As I was sculpting my creation, over my shoulder I hear, “Can I borrow your glue please?” As I grunted and turned to give up my glue, I froze in the moment. His light brown eyes, Nubian skin and 90’s kid box haircut became the spotlight of my entire view. (Yes, I was really thinking this in Kindergarten by the way). As both our hands grasped the glue at the same time, he smiled, showing the two spots were his upper front teeth use to be. Yep, fell in love right there.

” Thank you…uhh..what’s your name?” He asked. As I fixed my mouth to talk, our teacher called for the Table Captains to help put the supplies away. As he walked away, he took my glue and my heart….Leaving my name to be “Uhh.”

“Word to the Wives”- NEW SERIES

W.A.V.E will be premiering a weekly blog series into the commitment of marriage, through the eyes of successful author, Lesile Lawrence. Follow her as she jots down her daily encounters as a new wife to her husband, Brian. As their love continues to grow, so does their challenges. Be prepared, for these two will soon experience the truth definition of “for better or for worse.”

Things Non-Christians Want Christians To Know

As Christians, we sometimes never get the perspectives of others. A lot of times other religions tend to get left out of the equation as we walk out our lives with Christ. I had the opportunity to speak to each one of these people, of different religions, to see what they had to say. So, here are things Non-Christians want Christians to know.


1. “​Stay strong and continue learning about your religion. I know that a lot of people claim they’re Christians, but for someone to actually know about it and apply it to their daily lives, that takes a lot of strength in this world so definitely stay strong.” -Mariam, Sunni Muslim


2. “I want Christians to understand that the animosity people have against them isn’t baseless. Like, I see the way that Christians are beginning to be treated in the world, and while I don’t approve of it (at all), I do know where it comes from. Today, it seems like telling someone you’re Christian is a one way ticket to an argument, or losing a friend. That feeling, the prosecution – that’s what people – who flew the same banner as Christians, who called themselves Christians – were doing to the rest of us since the days of Constantine. Growing up, I remember almost every person I ever met getting angry, visibly, physically angry – some even violent -when I did nothing more than tell them I wasn’t Christian. As if the idea that I have the freedom to believe what I want was offensive to them. I got in fights with people because I didn’t believe in their specific Messiah. I was even jumped once over it, simply because it was known that I wasn’t a Christian. The kind of stuff you’d compare to the Salem Witch Trials – and I am not alone in that experience. Now I’m more open minded than a lot of people are, and I know that behavior doesn’t constitute a true Christian – but it is nonetheless the behavior of people who called themselves Christian. And it’s what fuels a lot of the fear and hate that other people have for Christians today.” -Anonymous, Germanic Neo-Pagan.


3. “I want Christians to know that the majority of religions all teach peace, and attempt to better one’s life. At the core, everyone wants the same things.” – Teddy Finley, Agnostic


4. “From my perspective, as a spiritual person who has spent a great deal of time with many people of different religions, we are all much more alike than we are different. The religious interpretations of books written by men many years ago are actually much more similar than they are different. Jesus loved and cared for all unconditionally and without regard for label or membership in any specific group. If we all lead a similar life our planet would be a much nicer, kinder, safer place for everyone. But so long as we cast judgement upon those whom we have given a label to and exclude them from the generosities of community then we will continue to live in a world of fear and violence. I have faith that there is more goodness in the world than bad, but I also seek out the good while trying to understand the bad and our role in it. If I can do my part to create a more inclusive and welcoming community then I know we will all be better off. -Niki Kelly, Spiritual Connected


5. “Be more open minded about other religions and perspectives that differ from their beliefs.”– Nyabinghi Ngoni, Ancient Egyptian Religion


6. “ਏਕੁ ਪਿਤਾ ਏਕਸ ਕੇ ਹਮ ਬਾਰਿਕ ਤੂ ਮੇਰਾ ਗੁਰ ਹਾਈ ॥

एकु पिता एकस के हम बारिक तू मेरा गुर हाई ॥ 

Ėk piṯā ekas ke ham bārik ṯū merā gur hā▫ī.”

“The One God is our father; we are the children of the One God.” -Sikhism

7. “Don’t be afraid to have an open mind. Having an open mind, doesn’t mean you have less faith.”- Jason J. Cutler, Agnostic 

8. Buddha: “What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create”. -Jasmine Tiara, Buddhist


9. “Don’t put us in Hell when you don’t have that authority to do so. Show us the same love that your religion teaches. Your love will move people way more than your judgement.” -Anonymous, Agnostic


10. “The best way to change people is not by ridicule, but by showing them a new way of thinking and giving them an opportunity to change.”-Lord Krishna, Hindu



Regardless of religion, let us go about loving one another as Christ loved us. NEVER is hate and separation going to win the heart of someone. If we actually apply that same love that was shown to us when we were drawn to Christ, maybe the world would be a better place to be in.


The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying:
“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love;
Therefore with loving-kindness I have drawn you.

Jeremiah 31:3