Just Breathe

As a new mom, you want to do everything perfect. You never want to feel like you don’t have it together or don’t know what you are doing, BUT sometimes situations are out of your control, and accidents happen, and trust, when they happen you are not the first to experience them.

This morning, I experienced one of my greatest fears, my six month old rolled out of my bed. He doesn’t quite sleep throughout the night so often he tends to fall asleep in my arms.

Well, this morning while lying in the bed with me, he rolled out of the bed and hit the ground.

I believe my heart stopped for a few seconds as I held him. For a moment, I didn’t even realize he wasn’t crying anymore. As I monitored and checked him, making sure he was okay, he just smiled and laughed as if I was the “best mother in the world” as I felt like a failure.

How could I allow that to happen?

How could I let my precious boy roll out of the bed?

That is when the guilt began to rise.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go to work?”

“You are spending too much time away from him.”

“Something has to give.”

GOD immediately stopped me in my tracks and said “JUST BREATHE’.

“Be still and know that I am GOD.” Psalms 46:10

In such a calm voice all I hear is, “JUST BREATHE.”

Wow, as I began to inhale and exhale slowly, I immediately felt a release of the negative energy. As I watched my baby boy, he was just calm and breathing. He was at peace with me and what had transpired.

WOW! Then it hit me. “Some babies don’t make it to six months; some babies don’t survive a hard fall with no injuries or bruises. But your baby boy, is okay. Say Thank you!”

Often times we face horrible accidents or situations that could have had a horrible outcome, but we come out fine. Instead of embracing GOD and exalting Him, we keep reflecting on what happened and beat ourselves up about what happened, when all is well.

Today, I believe GOD is telling us to “JUST BREATHE”. Regardless of what the situation is, don’t allow it to paralyze you. Once you do that, say “THANK YOU!” because that situation could have been so much worse. Be blessed and trust that GOD has you.

Lady G,

P.S. Just Breathe