I Spent An Hour A Day With God For A Week- THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED (Part 2)

In part 1 I shared my desperate need for God. His request for me, was to put my last meal of the day down, and spent one hour with Him for a week. I didn’t understand the reason behind it originally because I had just been flowing with the chaos of my life for so long, it began to feel normal. However, God was NOT having it. So, here’s what happened during my week with Him.

1. I Let It Out

I love how God will let you just come into His presence, and just let it all out. The first night all I did was cry. I let out every feeling of confusion, frustration, and fear that had built itself in me. It was not a pretty sight; My face was all red, nose running, hair all wild, just a mess! But with God that was okay. He didn’t need me to come to Him all pretty on the outside, but tore up and falling apart on the inside, which is exactly how it started at first. He needed me to come in with that broken spirit and contrite heart. That’s what moved Him. Once I got out all that was holding me down out, I was able to take the next step.

2. I Welcomed God into my chaos 

Though God is all knowing and omnipresent, He still wants to be welcomed into our lives. That includes the out of control parts. I wasn’t hearing God because I wasn’t including Him in my life. Those “screaming fans” of my life were drowning out His voice. I felt I could handle things on my own, and I didn’t want to bother God with my chaotic life. During that week, I named every issue and situation in my life, good and bad, and every time I started it out with “God I welcome You into…” A lot of time we complain and welcome other people into our mess, and they can’t even do anything about it. Instead welcome the One who can actually do something about it, and that is more than honored to.

“Cast all your cares upon Him, for He cares for you.” 

1 Peter 5:7

3. Thankfulness 

When things are always going bad, it’s kind of hard to see the silver lining. That week taught me to be appreciative of what I ALREADY had. The more I spent in His presence, the more He cleared my mind so I could see those blessings. I thanked Him for the fact that even though I shut Him out, He never left me. That everlasting love that draws me to Him, was that same love that kept a hold of me. 

“The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore with loving-kindness I have drawn you.”

Jeremiah 31:3

4. He Cleaned Me Up

During that week, I was completely renewed from the inside out. The first thing He renewed was my heart. (Create in me a clean heart. Psalm 51:10), then came my mind (And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. Roman 12:2) Once those things were made whole again, everything else followed suit; My speech changed, my attitude simmered, I started to care about my outward appearance again and my joy returned. Things felt fresh, new and hopeful. I had a peace about me that I couldn’t explain, but what I DID know was it was God.

5. Gained Control Over My Flesh

For the fasting part, I was learning to resist my flesh and focus on things spiritual. I had to learn to tell myself no. “No, you’re not going to talk that way. No you’re not going to give up on this. No, you will not give up on God again, no, no, no!” When we live under the authority of our flesh, you’ll be amazed the things you’ll find yourself doing and saying. Flesh will not control me, but I will have authority over it!

6. I MADE Time For God

This was the biggest thing of that whole week. I learned to MAKE time for God. I was able to make time for any and everything that flooded my life, but I was forgetting to make time for the most important thing. God is the center of our lives, and to make time for Him symbolizes that we are acknowledging Him as that, but also that we aren’t just using Him as like a genie in a bottle. You know, only “making time” for Him when we need something. I started seeking Him early in the morning. Thanking Him for waking me up, praying for others and myself and laying out my entire day WITH Him.

That week with God gave me more insight and renewal then I could ever image. I feel more connected and more able to withstand the things in my life. The feeling that I experienced was something that I always wanted to have. I wanted to stay with God all the time, in that closet. I wanted to talk with Him, and listen while He talked to me. The fact that He even thought that much about me, to help organize my life, shows me no matter how low, God will still go.

I Spent An Hour A Day With God For A Week-THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED! (Part 1)

At a time when things were so overwhelming in my life, it was hard to hear God. It was almost like being a celebrity, and having a crowd of people swaming you, screaming for you, and needing your full attention RIGHT THEN. However, the only difference is in this situation, I was the celebrity in the mist of chaos and confusion. All the “screaming fans” of my life were screaming and needing me at the same time. 

It wasn’t too long that my entire spiritual life started to suffer for the lack of conversing I was not doing with God. I couldn’t think straight, my attitude was all over the place; happy one minute, sad or angry the next. I just felt overwhelmed and just going with the flow of life. I needed to find a way out soon, or I physically, mentally, emotionally AND spiritually wasn’t going to make it.

One night, when I found a second to be still, I heard God speak to me and say, “Put your last meal down of the day, and spend one hour a day with me for a week.”

I prepped myself for this encounter because I did not know what to expect. I knew I NEEDED to do this, but for God to ask it of me was important. I designated an area for me to go to where it was just Him and me I turned off all electronic devices except for my speaker to play worship music, and I tried my hardest to FOCUS just on this. 

Now, as dedicated as I was, it was still a fight. The hour was kind of hard at first because I figured I can pray all I need to pray within like 5-10 minutes, what am I going to do for the rest of the time? What about all the other stuff I have to do? What am I gonna make for dinner? Oh, no wait. No dinner. Did I call my mom today? All of these things ran through my mind. The more I over thought about it, the more other thoughts made themselves welcomed.

Praying was like trying to talk with swollen tonsils, my hands were drenched in sweat and I felt my heart in my throat. Why was this so hard?! Was there something that God was trying to do, and was there something or someone trying to intervene? 

I remembered that He wanted me to spend time with Him, not give Him just your list of demands and leave! When I finally realized it, and understood that my relationship with God was critical, and I needed Him NOW, I fought with everything I had.

Fast Food Restaurants That Offer Vegetarian Options 

Though I’ve only been a vegetarian for almost a month, I learned one thing; fast food eating may totally be out of the question, unless you’re cool with eating a salad all the time. Although that’s not a bad thing because you are avoiding high saturated fats and the consumption of unnecessary salts, but every now and then a quick stop at a fast food place isn’t so bad. Luckily, some fast food places are beginning implement vegetarian options to their menus!

1. Taco Bell

One of my biggest fears when I gave up meat was losing Taco Bell. Fortunately, that didn’t happen! Thanks to the AVA (American Vegetarian Association), Taco Bell is proudly incorporating veggie options onto their list of orders. From breakfast to lunch, Taco Bell has you covered.


2. Moe’s Southwest Grill

On my first trip to Moe’s, I only noticed the chicken and beef behind the glass. I didn’t know a year later, I’d be scanning their menu for a vegetarian options, but it’s there. At Moe’s  you’re able to get a burrito, veggie style or with tofu as your main protein, on a whole wheat or white tortilla, with a side of chips & salsa or queso. Yeeeessss!


3. Red Robin 
Their ancient grain and quinoa veggie patty makes Red Robin a perfect spot to stop. Your veggie burger can be topped with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, tomato bruschetta salsa and more! You can also go with their Keep It Simple option, and get your veggie patty on a whole wheat bun with your choice of toppings. Robin! YUUMMMMM”…yes I had to:)


4.  Burger King

I was super shocked to find out that the place that I loved so much for their Whoppers, actually had a veggie burger. You have to look closely on the menu, but it’s available! Slightly smaller than the Whoppers, but still tasty. Topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo.




Essential Vitamins For the Winter 

Winter is swiftly approaching us. To guarantee that you’re at your best for the holidays, here are 5 essential vitamins that you’ll need for the winter seasons. These vitamins can be found in both supplements, and the foods you eat.

1. Vitamin A

Fall and Winter are beautiful times of the year, but not always to our skin. Vitamin A helps keeps our skin looking moisturized, puts a glow in our eyes and keeps our bones strong for the cold weather.

2. Iron
If you do manage to get under the weather, and you get a fever, make sure you invest in some Iron. Iron helps regulate the body temperature. Tylenol isn’t going to be the only thing breaking fevers! Iron is also the key player in preventing Anemia, and if you live in the northern states cold weather along with Anemia is rough. Also, if you’re trying to find something to help you with fatigue, you might want look into the possibility that you might be Iron deficeient.

3. Vitamin D
Also referred to as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D is produced in your body when exposed to the sunlight. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for normal growth and development of bones and teeth, as well as improved resistance against certain diseases.

4. Vitamin C

“I feel kind of sniffy, I think I need some orange juice.” Vitamin C is the world ‘s pastime for building up the immune system. With the up and down changes of winter weather, Vitamin C is very important to make sure you’re not caught with a cold during gift giving. Vitamin C also helps the body absorb iron, assists in repairing body tissues, and works to heal wounds. Orange juice, anyone?

Help My Unbelief!

When things become so overwhelming, and we can’t make sense of it is when it seems like we begin to lose it. A problem here, a problem there, and it’s  all happening at once. It just becomes a down hill spiral, and we’re  just going through the motions. We feel like we’re  at our widths ends, and one more thing is going to be it. But just remember when those times come, close your eyes and say “Lord, help my unbelief.” I don’t see how this will get better, and I’m tired, but LORD, HELP MY UNBELIEF!

When there’s not a way in the world that WE see these issues getting better say, “Lord, help my unbelief.”

Lord, I pray for whoever is reading this. Help their unbelief. Give them Your unexplainable peace. When their heart is overwhelmed, lead them to that rock that is higher than them (Psalms 61:2). Guide them, strengthen them, and heal them so they are equipt to handle the things they face, knowing they are not alone. For you are a present help in a time of need. Amen.

Tasha Cobbs-Leonard’s New Single Featuring Nicki Minaj- HIT OR MISS??

So! August 2017 “Break Every Chain” award-winning gospel singer, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard broke chains off of world and church barriers when she released her new album, Heart. Passion. Pursuit. featuring the single, “I‘m Getting Ready.” This new song has been blowing some minds, and unfortunately, it’s not because the song is amazing, but rather because secular rap artist, Nicki Minaj is laying down bars on it. Since then, people have been torn between two views; “I can’t believe Tasha put her on her track” and “that means more exposure and people for the Kingdom of God.” Twitter fans of Mrs. Leonard have definitely made their opinions known as it regards to her featured guest. Some fans were totally supportive of the Minaj using her lyrical skills for the glory of God, and others were not feeling the collaboration.

Surprising, people have forgotten a lot of these secular artists came from church backgrounds. Fans have been displeased with Tasha for letting someone “like Nicki” rap on her gospel track, but fail to really acknowledge when Beyonce’ was featured on Michelle Williams’s gospel track song, “Say Yes.” Double standard maybe? How do we as believers expect to reach people that we separate ourselves from, only wanting them meet us, but not wanting to reach out to them? Why is it that we give passes to certain individuals, but bash the rest? How about encouraging ANYBODY who’s interested in experiencing what God is about.

Just some time before Nicki and Tasha linked up, Nicki was actually following Tasha’s music minister after watching her minister in music at BET’s Celebration of Gospel, and was completely inspired. Not only that, but was actively referring her 21.2 million Twitter fans to Tasha’s music.

As we encounter people, we don’t know where they are in life, nevertheless where they are in their growth with God. Tasha could have possibly planted a seed in Nicki’s life, that could be just the beginning.

Now, I’ve been hearing people say, “Well, I guess the money was really worth doing the song with her.” Listen, gospel or now, Tasha and Nicki are both working artists, YES! they got paid. However, it was still ministry.

Tasha captioned her Instagram post about her team up with the following hastags:

‭‭“#KingdomAgentsEverywhere #ImGettingReady #MyGirlSMASHED #IfeelJesusEveryTimeIHearIt #tears #IntoAllTheWorld #SheknowsGodBetterthanSomaYall #andHeKnowsHer,” Cobbs-Leonard wrote. “Let’s Go Boo!!!! @nickiminaj #heartpassionpursuit.”

Whether you like it or not, the track is great! You can’t deny the indescribable anointing that the song has. Both ladies came with their A game and people where inspired through the music. Even people that probably never listen to gospel, but checked it out because of Nicki. Pass the message, that’s Kingdom building Nicki!

This 8:27 track was a door opened to the world. It shows that not just believers have access to God, but ANYBODY does. I’m looking forward to hearing more from Tasha as well as Nicki. Hopefully, this is only the beginning.

The best thing about God is the fact that he literally doesn’t mind meeting us where we are. Let’s not limit God, and people, to where OUR minds and views are.

Check out Tasha’s interview of the entire encounter with Nicki. Be blessed!